Automatic 3D Custom Mask Making Machine

Short Description:

It is an automatic machine to produce Fish type face mask with customized. The whole machine adopts PLC and servo motor control operation. The machine locates the pattern position through the color mark sensor, different sizes and style can be customized according to the market demand.

  • Model: HY300-03
  • Price: USD47000-50000/SET
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    Automatic 3D Custom Mask Making Machine
    Machine Size 5900*2300*1900mm
    Output 60-80pcs/min
    Voltage 220V
    Power 7.3KW
    Pressure 0.6Mpa
    Fuselage material Aluminium alloy
    Special requirement Mask size need to be fixed

    1. It adopts adjustable structure of nose bar, which can cooperate with different sizes mask and different styles molds

    2. Automatic color mark positioning to ensure accurate pattern alignment

    3. Each station is controlled by servo motor to effectively eliminate alignment error.

    4. After the body is completed, it will be automatically transported to the earloop welding machine

    6. we use pull rod type earloop welding machine has higher efficiency.

    7. Automatic production, stable operation, reduce labor costs and effectively improve product quality

    3D custom mask 02
    3D custom mask 07
    machine details

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