Clothing Dust Cover

With the arrival of cold air, Guangdong is finally going to fall! Goodbye, 30+℃ high temperature! Goodbye! Air-conditioning fees! Goodbye! Stinky mosquitoes! But this is Guangdong, a province of messy clothing, short-sleeved and fall and winter clothes a day turn “on the battlefield”, the closet had to put on the summer and fall clothes, but also have to prepare one or two pieces of winter clothing, just in case the Guangdong a second into the winter. Take so many clothes out, very easy to stain the dust, there is a large number of feet of cockroaches, let a person run out of “return to the South Day” …… on the clothing for dust, moisture, pest control has become very necessary!

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So what’s the defense? This requires the use of inexpensive clothing dust cover! It just set on the clothes, it can effectively protect the clothes, so that it will not be corroded and damaged by the outside world, but also can save the closet space, so that the closet looks neat and beautiful. There are many kinds of dust cover, there are round, square, polygonal, etc., there are also plastic, Oxford, non-woven and other materials, so you can according to the clothing and living environment to choose their own clothing dust cover.

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As a senior hitman, a few expensive suits are essential in your closet. Exquisite suits need to be more carefully protected than ordinary clothing, so it is more suitable for the use of non-woven material dust cover. Because the plastic material is not good ventilation, clothing in a humid environment for a long time is prone to moisture; Oxford material can prevent dust and moisture, but the price is more expensive.

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Non-woven fabric can prevent dust and moisture and insects, the key breathable and durable, not easy to aging, the price is also pro-people. When going on a business trip or traveling, used to wrap the clothes in the luggage, but also can prevent the clothes in the trip to be damaged and contaminated, especially suitable for clothes more than the use of the batters.

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Where there is demand, there is automated production. As a source manufacturer of automation equipment, in order to help manufacturers reduce production costs and meet the market demand in a timely manner, HengYao Automation has developed a non-woven suit cover manufacturing machine. The machine is fully automated and adopts tension controller to ensure stable material output, while servo is used to control the cutter individually, and different product sizes can be produced after replacing the parts. In addition, if manufacturers want to produce other materials, styles of products, you can also contact us to do customized models of equipment.

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Non-woven suit cover manufacturing machine

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With consumers’ pursuit of home environment and the growing demand for clothing protection, clothing dust covers are popular among consumers for their practicality. Clothing dust cover in addition to home use, but also widely used in various industries. Such as laundry cleaning, clothing department stores, photography and video industry. It can effectively prevent clothes from falling dust, keep clothes flat and clean, and improve the customer’s good sense and experience. For industries with great demand, automated production can meet the needs of the industry, improve the competitiveness of the industry and reduce the cost of use. In the future, clothing dust cover will be gradually novel and customized, becoming one of the important choices for life quality improvement.

Post time: May-27-2024