Independent R & D team

HengYao has many years of experience in R & D of machinery and equipment. Combined with the scientific R & D system, it has created an efficient and high-quality R & D team. The machines and equipment independently developed by us have excellent and stable performance and have won wide recognition from many customers.



Production workshop

Hengyao has several sets of high precision processing equipment imported from Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, Leading technology in the automatic intelligent equipments of various functional face mask , beauty and life consumable , medical consumable , filtration consumable etc. and forming a whole industry integrating independent core technology, core components, core products and industry system solutions Value Chain.

Production Workshop

Certified patent

HengYao has multi certification patents. In just a few years, it has obtained 24 utility model patents, 9 CE certification certificates and 1 ISO9001 certification certificate, and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2020.