Established in 2016, successfully developed the industry representative mask machines such as automatic N95 folding machine, flat mask machine, fish type mask machine and obtained the invention patents. 


joined China Textile Business Association.
Civilian mask machines obtained CE, ISO9001 certification
Project to research and develop a production line for labor protection mask machines such as boat type folding mask machine, duckbill folding mask machine and cup mask machine.


15 products including labor protection mask machine, have successively obtained CE certification.
Authorized DAE ILL M/C as an agent in South Korea.
Project research and development of automation equipment for medical and cosmetic consumable non-woven products.


Authorized D-tech Co., Ltd. as an agent in Japan
Mask machine completes 80% of South Korea's market share.
The first domestic company to cooperate with BRANDSON and HERRMANN to complete the strategic cooperation of medical mask machine


horned High-tech enterprises
Joined the Council of Dongguan Mask and Equipment Industry Association.
During the COVID-19 epidemic, more than 2,000 mask machines were delivered in China and overseas.
Successfully got 10000 square meters of land for the construction of Hengyao Industrial Park.


Completed the automatic equipment of air filtration non-woven products and obtained new research and development patents.