A must for home travel I How much do you know about disposable underwear?

With the improvement of people’s requirements for health and the upgrading of their consumption concept, disposable underwear is gradually becoming an indispensable daily necessity in modern life. So, what do you know about disposable underwear?

What is disposable underwear?

Disposable underwear is a disposable product made of thin non woven fabric or single-sided woven fabric, directly or indirectly contact with the human body, and used to achieve the purpose of human physiological health or health care. As a convenient consumable to carry and replace, disposable underwear is favored by consumers with low price and convenient use, and the applicable scenarios are also increasing, such as travel, menstruation, pregnancy,  confinement period, sick and bedridden, etc.

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Initially, the display of disposable underwear in the supermarket was in the same area as the female sanitary napkin because its category positioning in the supermarket end was relatively vague. It was not clear if it was categorized as a paper product, a sanitary product or a disposable product. Therefore, the first waves of consumers of the product were mostly women, and it was used with sanitary napkins during their menstrual period. As the consumer base shifts from women to men who use it for business trip, disposable underwear is slowly coming into the sights of more consumers.

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The quality of disposable underwear on the market varies. Some of them are not strictly sterilized so that they do not meet the hygiene requirements. If we often wear the disposable underwear which has poor breathability, low absorbency, rough and sticky to the skin, it is easy to cause skin allergy and to trigger health problem. So, it is important to choose disposable underwear.

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How to choose and buy disposable underwear

Check whether the outer packaging of the products indicates the product implementation standards, health standards, safety technology category and national health license number and other information. Disposable products should conform to GB 15979-2002 Hygiene Standard for Disposable Products, it must not cause abnormal odour, foreign objects, and must not cause adverse irritation, allergic reactions and other damage to the skin and mucous membranes. Their material and packaging must bot be toxic and harmful. Outer packaging must indicate the name and production unit etc. According to the mandatory national standard GB1840-2010 National Basic Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products, Class A safety technology is the best, and the products with direct skin contact should at least meet the Class B requirements

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Check the disinfection/sterilization methods. The main disinfection and sterilization methods for disposable underwear have EO ethylene oxide gas sterilization, ionizing radiation sterilization, etc. If the product description obscure the disinfection method, or only use simple disinfection methods such as ultraviolet disinfection, it is not recommended to buy.

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Check the material. The material of disposable underwear on the market is mainly divided into: pure cotton textile fabric, pure cotton non-woven fabric, mixed fabric (containing a certain amount of cotton+polyester fiber), colored cotton (polyester fiber), colored cotton (natural colored cotton fabric) and bamboo fiber, etc. The pure cotton in the disposable underwear refers to the pure cotton textile fabric and the pure cotton non-woven fabric. Both have good breathability. The non-woven fabric is not as comfortable as the pure cotton textile fabric, but the price is lower.

Check the quality guarantee period. Check the expiry date when buying disposable underwear. In general, each pair of disposable underwear is a separate, sterile, sealed package and is usually valid for three years if left unopened.

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The production of disposable underwear

Some disposable underwear manufacturing enterprises have a number of shortcomings, such as small scale, poor production conditions, low technical level, irregular product testing and quality control, which lead to the problems that the quality of disposable underwear products is uneven and difficult to meet the demand of the consumer market. In addition, due to the privacy of disposable underwear, its production process, technology and materials are particularly important to consumers.

Hengyao Fully Automatic Disposable Pants Making Machine, can avoid excessive artificial contact and control the quality from production process. It can be compatible with the production of briefs and pants at the same time. Adopting two-side typesetting saves fabric and is highly efficient. The mold is made one to one, more accurate and more durable.

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Pants making machine)

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In addition, Hengyao Pants folding and packaging making machine can solve the packaging problem for the manufacturer. Just by manually loading the material, it can achieve the multiple folding of pants and then packing them into bags. Folded product size is standard and can be individually packed, clean and hygienic, more popular with consumers.

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(Pants folding and packing machine)

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(Product display)

In recent years, the consumer market of disposable underwear has grown rapidly. Automated production can not only improve the production capacity and production efficiency, but also reduce the impact of human factors on product quality, to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality. This will help manufacturers to gain advantages in the fiercely competitive market, and enhance the reputation and competitiveness of their brands.

Post time: Oct-06-2023