Disposable Slide Sheet : A “good helper” for Patient Transfers

We can often see the outdoor rescue on the news, the rescue worker can easily carry the injured person with a piece of cloth, and we can also see the medical staff use this cloth to transfer patients from the bed. In fact, most of this cloth is a disposable slide sheet. The disposable slide sheet is a medical device used to assist sliding in transferring the wounded outdoors and transferring patients in clinical settings. So how much do you know about it?

What is a disposable slide sheet?

Disposable slide sheet can also be called medical moving transfer pads and disposable patient transfer surgical pads. It adopts a bilateral and double-handle design, which can assist medical staff to easily transfer the patient to a cart or other bed according to the patients actual condition. It is composed of non-woven fabric and synovial membrane layer. The auxiliary parts are isolation layer and absorbent cotton, which can be selected as needed. Generally, isolation and infection protection after patient transfer are provided by optional protective covers, center sheets and absorbent pads.

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The slide sheet has a simple structure, its light in weight and easy to operate. Medical staff can easily move patients with the help of the sliding principle. It is used in emergency rooms, CT rooms, X-ray rooms, ICU, operating rooms, orthopedics, surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, rehabilitation rooms and other departments. The patients are moved, turned sideways, cleaned, etc., by medical staff between carts, beds, and tables, as well as during rehabilitation or critical patient care. It has been widely used in outdoor first aid, nursing homes, home patient care and so on.

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The importance of a disposable slide sheet

Reduce the labor intensity of medical staff

When using disposable slide sheet, the main method is translation. The slide sheet only needs 1-2 people to move the patient across the bed, replacing the original work that needs 4-5 people to complete, saving labor and time, and greatly reducing the labor intensity of medical staff or nursing staff.

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Effectively avoid secondary injury to patients

Patients after fractures or operations often cannot be moved or touched due to pain or postoperative drainage tubes. The previous handling method, multiple people were used to lift the patient in different parts and with different strength. The patient could easily feel uncomfortable and could even be injured due to inappropriate handling methods. The slide sheet allows the patient to pass the bed as a whole, to avoid secondary damage, to achieve “patient motionless” through the bed, smooth and safe transfer.

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Make outdoor first aid more convenient and faster

Disposable slide sheet is usually made of non-woven fabrics, which are breathable, comfortable and easy to carry. They have a pull-hole design and a maximum tensile strength of 150kg, which can withstand heavy weight patients. In outdoor first aid can be timely, lightweight rescue, handling of different weight of the wounded.

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Automatic production of disposable slide sheet

Compared with traditional manual production, the automated production of disposable slide sheet will be more efficient, greatly increasing the output of medical slide sheet and meeting the current needs of the medical field. The automated production process uses materials that meet health standards and ensures quality and precision in all aspects through automation technology.

Hengyao automation launched a making machine for slide sheet, which can accurately control the length and quality of the slide sheet, complete multiple processes at the same time, and reduce the production cycle. At the same time, it reduces labor costs, and reduces the possibility of product damage and human errors caused by human operations, effectively improving the core competitiveness of slide sheet manufacturers.

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slide sheet making machine

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Product display

Through the application of automated equipment, the efficiency of the production process is improved, costs are reduced, and quality is guaranteed, effectively improving the production capacity and quality level of slide sheets. This will further ensure the safety between medical staff and patients and provide better medical services. In the future, with the continuous development and application of automation technology, the production of medical slide sheets will have greater breakthroughs and progress.

Post time: Oct-07-2023