Hengyao automation: Helping more clients to seize the market of hotel supplies industry

After COVID-19 is stabilized, the demand for hotel supplies will see a substantial outbreak. Hengyao Automation will provide fully automated equipment for manufacturers of disposable hotel supplies to help them seize the market of the hotel supplies industry.

The previous article analyzed that in the post-epidemic era, tourism and hospitality industry will develop rapidly. The hotel supplies industry derived from tourism will also usher in a huge space for development.

At present, the consumption structure of urban and rural residents in China is being upgraded from subsistence consumption to spiritual consumption, from material consumption to service consumption, and from traditional consumption to new consumption. Under the impetus of consumption upgrades, consumers are paying more attention to the hygiene condition, one of the basic accommodation function experience.


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Panoramic Research and Investment Value Assessment Research Report of China Disposable Small Towel Industry from 2022 to 2027, issued by China Research Institute, analyzed that compared with traditional towels, disposable face towels do not pose the health hazard of being wet for a long time, which can lead to the rapid growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. This shows that disposable hotel supplies such as disposable towels and disposable slippers can avoid reuse and cross-infection, and are convenient and hygienic, making them the first choice to ensure hygiene.


Traditional towels become hard and rough over time, damaging the skin.

Towels breed as much bacteria as rags do.

Mites and pathogenic bacteria are behind allergies

HengYao Automation, providing fully automatic equipment for manufacturers of disposable hotel supplies, has helped 50+ companies producing hotel supplies around the world to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. The quality of products produced by the equipment is stable and can help clients to quickly seize the market of hotel supplies.


(HY Disposable Compressed Towel Making machine)


(HY Bouffant Cap Making Machine)


(HY Disposable Slipper Making Machine)

As the epidemic is gradually brought under control, the hotel supplies industry is growing rapidly and has favorable trends. The manufacturers of disposable hotel supplies should seize the opportunities and be prepare with sufficient automated production equipment. When the epidemic is stabilized, they must strike hard to occupy the market share of hotel supplies at the fastest speed and rapidly develop their own economy and industry chain.

Post time: Sep-30-2022