Things You Must Know About Medical Curtains

Medical curtains, also known as cubicle curtains, are an essential part of any hospital. They are special curtains used mainly for bed partitions and injection room partitions.

Why uses medical curtains

1.Divides rooms and protects patient privacy. Medical curtains can divide into many small rooms and accommodate more beds and medical equipment, saving more space compared to traditional screens.  Moreover, the curtains can be moved and the size of the room changed flexibly. When other beds in the same ward need injections, medical treatment, dressing or visitors, the medical curtains can be pulled up, ensuring the patient's privacy and making it easier for the doctor to carry out the examination. 

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2.Safe, beautiful and practical. Medical curtains have fire retardant properties and comply with national standards, effectively preventing the outbreak and spread of fire and ensuring the safety of hospitals and patients. And the use of special, uniform medical curtains for hospital wards and examination rooms provides a tidy and attractive look to the hospital department. As well as providing safety and aesthetics, medical curtains are breathable, antibacterial and dustproof. In addition, medical curtains have very high tensile strength and tear resistance, stain resistance, wash resistance, no deformation, no fading and are easy to clean.

3.Simple and durable, low cost of use. Medical curtains have special tracks, pulleys and hooks for easy installation and removal. As hospital bed curtains can be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms including multi-drug resistant bacteria, the cleaning process should refer to WS/T 508-2016 "Technical Specification for Disinfection and Washing of Hospital Medical Fabrics" and WS/T 367-2012 "Technical Specification for Disinfection in Medical Institutions" to choose the appropriate disinfection method for disinfection. In contrast, disposable medical curtains can be discarded after contamination, saving significant disinfection and cleaning costs.

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How to select medical curtains

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The fabric used for medical curtains has a direct impact on their performance. Due to the large number of patients in hospitals, the air in the room can be stuffy and the curtains used must be highly ventilated and breathable to allow air to flow freely. For this reason, fabrics with small mesh-like holes are generally chosen.

The second thing to consider is the appearance of the medical curtains. A good medical environment is conducive to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Bright light colors visually give a sense of open space, making people happy and feel comfortable and at ease, so in terms of colour, avoid choosing dark colors that make people feel depressed. On the other hand, in addition to matching the style of ward decoration, medical curtains can also be selected in different ways according to the different situations of the users, such as choosing partition curtains printed with cartoon patterns for children, and warm shades can be chosen for elderly pregnant women.

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How to make medical curtains

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As medical curtains require a variety of specifications and sizes, the production process is relatively cumbersome, as the actual production size requires the sewing of pleats and the making of eyelets, and the height, width and pleats of the curtain must be highly uniform. In addition to the increasingly stringent requirements for medical products, the traditional medical curtain production process is difficult to meet the standards required for medical products.

HY curtain making machine with the whole process of automatic and precise production, can strictly set the standard parameters, automatic punch, welding eyelets, cut and collect, to ensure the consistency of curtain specifications. The machine adopts pneumatic loading, saving time and effort. Using heat pressing to set the shape, the curtains are beautiful and firm, and the folding height and number of folds can be set and adjusted to meet the different size needs of the production.

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(HY curtain making machine)

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(HY curtain making machine)

The scientific use of medical curtains is not only about the quality of the ward decoration, but also about the fire safety of the hospital and the enhancement of the medical experience. From the choice of raw materials to the production process to the production equipment, these are all vital aspects and key factors in the production of good quality medical curtains.

Post time: Mar-26-2023