What should ready-made beverages rely on to win consumer’s heart

As a daily “continuation standard configuration” for today’s workers, ready-made beverages like coffee, milk tea, lemon tea etc are very popular and have a big popularity in the market in recent years.  But now, ready-made beverages industry has lower demand in technical aspects, the raw material is similar and in many brands the production of beverages is the same and the formula is easily imitated, so the homogenization phenomenon is more and more serious.Now, we are in the post covid-19 era,consumer’s health awareness continues to increase, the intensifying competition among brands and affect by “New policies restricting plastics”what should the ready-made beverages rely on to win consumer’s heats in the the homogenization and branding phenomenon?

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Forming differentiation and establishing our own unique brand has become the key to survival the ready-made beverages among numerous products. Beside products,the most intuitive is the product packaging that the consumers can feel. So, many operators are starting to put effort into packing,especially the packaging that gives people a deep first impression.

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Therefor, packaging bags have developed different materials and functions from the beginning of plastic bags. Even some unique designs, such as a hollowed out non-woven cup bag from Starbucks, the innovative design and environmentally friendly concept have attracted many fans.

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Exquisite or creative packaging is crucial in conveying brand value, this is undoubtedly need advanced printing technology and equipment to achieve it. Hengyao’s independently developed beverage cup bag manufacturing machine can effectively solve customer’s problems.

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It can achieve full automation of processes and workmanship, and can adjust production speed and product size within a certain range. In order to further achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental production, the equipment is formed by folding a single layer of raw materials in half during the production process, which can save materials. The sealing adopts ultrasonic wave and electric fusion, making the cup bag more sturdy and durable.

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For ready-made beverages that strive for fashion and refinement, packaging bags are a good marketing carrier. Merchants can choose products that are more suitable for their use based on their own needs, which can combine the advantages or printing the product purchase points on packing bags, and then they can stand out in many homogeneous products and win more recognition and support from consumers.


Post time: Nov-17-2023