Why is a bag air filters so popular?

Air is the substance on which people depend for survival.With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for air quality, and air filtration has become particularly important.Air filters also play a great role as an important part of air filtration. So, what is a bag air filter and why is it so popular?

What is a bag air filter?

A bag air filter, made of filter media and used together with the outer frame, is a new type of filtration system which is used for the filtration of airborne dust particles in the air supply system. Air flows in from the inlet and flows out after being filtered by the bag air filter.Impurities are intercepted in the bag air filter to achieve the purpose of air purification. The bag air filter can continue to use after replacing the filter bags.


According to the effect levels, bag air filters are generally divided into G1,G2,G3,G4 primary filter bags, F5,F6,F7,F8 medium effect filter bags, F9 sub-high effect filter bags. Bag Air filters of different effect levels and materials make up different levels of air filters.

The primary filter bag, also known as coarse filter bag, is mainly used for filtering dust particles above 5μm, and is suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning system, or coarse filtration end of multi-stage filtration system. It is divided into four effect levels, G1, G2, G3,and G4, with filtration efficiency in range of 40% to 60%.wps_doc_1


The medium effect filter bag is mainly used for filtering dust particles above 1-5μm, widely applicable to the intermediate filtration of air conditioning systems.It is divided into F5 (white and dark yellow), F6 (green or orange), F7 (purple or pink), F8(light yellow and yellow, F9(yellow and withe, also know as sub-effect filter bags, with filtration effect rate of 45%,65%,85%,95% and 98% respectively.The medium effect filters can be used as medium effect filtration in humid, high airflow and high dust load environments.wps_doc_2

What are the features and functions of bag air filters?

Bag air filters has the following characteristics:

●It has a small chance of side leakage, and its filtration accuracy of particles can reach 0.5μm, so the filtration quality can be guaranteed.

●Bag air filters can carry more working pressure with low pressure drop. The unique bag structure ensures that the airflow fills the entire bag in a balanced manner with high filtration stability.

●Its appearance is relatively simple and occupies less space. It can be installed in simple and diverse ways and easy and fast to replace.

●Bag air filter has a wide range of applications and can meet the needs of various filtration of different flows, which is flexible in uses.

●The frame can be repeatedly used. Only need to replace filter bags when replacing bag air filter. No need to wash. So, it has low operation cost.


Nowadays, bag air filters are increasingly know and recognized. And different effect levels of filter bags work differently.

The primary bag air filter is mainly used as pre-filtration of high-effect filters and purification filtration of room ventilation systems, not only for pre-filtration of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems, pre-filtration of large air compressors, clean return air systems, pre-filtration of partial high-effect filtration devices, etc., but also for simple air conditioning and ventilation systems that only require first-level filtration, dust filtration of cabinets or distribution boxes that do not have high requirements for dust removal.



Medium effect filter bags are mainly used for intermediate filtration in central air conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronic, food, industrial air purification, etc. They can also be used as the front-end filtration of high effect filtration to reduce the load of high effect filtration and extend its lifespan.The large windward surface creates large dust capacity and low air velocity.It is considered the best intermediate filter structure.

What is the production process of making bag air filter?

As an important component of the air filtration system, the bag air filter needs to meet the needs of large air volume and low pressure drop.So,its production process is particularly critical.

Hengyao primary air filter bag making machine can realize automatic feeding 9 layers of materials and weld 8 layers of materials at the same time for high efficient production. Welding bottoms, welding and cutting edges makes the bag air filters have good air tightness and bonding strength, not easy to leak or break, which greatly improves product quality. What’s more, the finished products can be collected in pieces or in rolls. The width of finished products and spacers can be customized to satisfy different use requirements in different application scenarios.

In addition, the bag air filters making machine can produce medium effect bag air filters according to customer’s production requirements and support non-standard customization.


(Hengyao-primary air filter bags making machine)

With the increase of people’s needs for bag air filters, consumers’ demand for their quality is also getting higher and higher. For the bag air filter manufacturer, only by choosing the excellent bag air filters production equipment, the product can stand out in the industry competition and win more consumers’ welcome and recognition.

Post time: Dec-14-2022