Have you ever seen an airline headrest cover?

Do you know what an airline headrest cover is? It may sounds strange to you, but you may have seen them on planes, high-speed trains and buses without realizing it. Today, this article will explain what the airline headrest cover is.
What is the airline headrest cover
Airline headrest cover, also referred to seat headrest cover and airline pillow case, is used to protect the seats on planes from being polluted. It has anti-dust and isolation functions, suitable for soft seats on planes, high-speed trains buses and other public areas.

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Public transport, such as high speed trains and buses, is characterized by crowding, high mobility and limited space. The material used for airline headrest covers must strictly satisfy the same flame-resistant, fire-resistant and safe requirements as the materials used for other cabin decorations, to ensure the safety of passengers.
The main feature of non-woven airline headrest cover is that it is non-toxic, cost-effective, not easily decomposed indoors, beautiful and environmentally friendly. It can also be printed with logos and words on the surface according to customer requirements, making it an ideal option for decorative seat backs in today’s aircraft and high-speed trains.
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The function of airline headrest cover
In the early days of civil aviation operations, the passengers were predominantly business people who wore a thick coat of hair oil when travelling on business. To prevent the seat backs from getting dirty, they were padded with white cloths. This practice continues to this day. But with changing aesthetics, the white cloths have been replaced by other colors to match the rest of the cabin decorations, thus reducing their existence and making the cabin environment tidier and cleaner.

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Nowadays, some headrest covers are processed to be waterproof and anti-bacterial to ensure the health and comfort of passengers. In addition, the use of disposable headrest covers can eliminate the need for cleaning and disinfection, reducing labor costs and time and making it more practical and convenient.
 As well as keeping the seat clean and hygienic, the airline headrest cover is also an excellent ‘advertising space’. Located directly above each passenger’s seat, it is an advertising position that is accessible to passengers from any viewpoint. The good viewing angle gives a strong visual impact and plays an effective advertising role. 

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The production of airline headrest cover 
The investment and construction of high-speed railway bring up the rapid development of railway transportation equipment manufacturing industry, which also bring a broad development future to high-speed railway cabin decoration material industry. With the rise of people’s living standard and the public’s emphasis on hygiene, disposable airline headrest covers are becoming more popular among consumers. Nonwoven materials are also becoming more popular with airline headrest cover manufacturers due to their breathability, flame resistance and low cost.
Therefore, Hengyao has developed a non woven headrest cover making machine. It is fully automatic from material feeding to finished products, requiring only one operator, saving time and energy. The product quality is more stable. The machine is controlled by servo motor, which can set any product length, and has high precision, less waste and high capacity of 100 pcs/min. It is highly efficient and stable. At the same time, the equipment can be equipped with 2-3 color printing to meet the high quality production needs of the customers.
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(Non woven headrest cover making machine)
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Disposable headrest covers play an important role in protecting the environment and the health of airline passengers and have a huge market demand. Automated production can help manufacturers gain market share and reach the top of the industry.

Post time: Jun-26-2023