Automatic Filter Pad Making Machine

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This is a fully automatic round filter pad making machine, which can automatically complete feeding, cutting holes, feeding supporting frame, welding. Needn’t manual operation , not only can save 3-5 manpower but also improve efficiency and product quality. Using PLC control system and touch screen setting to make the machine operating more easier and faster.

  • Model: HY200-09A
  • Price: USD60000-95000/SET
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    Automatic Filter Pad Making Machine
    Machine Size 5650 * 1795 * 1670mm
    Output 10~20 pcs/min
    Voltage 220V  60HZ  ≥3A
    Power 5 KW
    Pressure 6kg/cm²
    Fuselage material Aluminium alloy
    Special requirement Mask size need to be fixed

    1.Adopt Precision mold punching.

    2.Automatic feeding material of vibrating disc with stable affection

    3.Using German ultrasonic welding technology which can weld multi-layers materials at the same time

    4.Using a precision laser die to ensure that the cut of the finished product is neat, beautiful in appearance and error-free in size

    5. Adopt automatic collection mechanism which is stable and reliable.

    filter pad 04
    filter pad 21
    machine details

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